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Pilot Eleven releases for Netlabel Day 14 July 2016

  • Susan Matthews - From Veliko

    "'From Veliko' was in part, inspired by a recent visit to Veliko Tarnovo (the medieval capital of Bulgaria). Most days I wandered to The Monument Of The Assens. I sat and contemplated the old town across the Yantra river, where the ‘hanging houses’ cling precariously to the steep hillside, some are literally crumbling and sliding towards the river below.This seeming fragility is reflected in both the music & lyrics I composed for this project. ’The road from Veliko’ is also a metaphor for a psychological journey - from the darkness of depression back towards the light."
    Susan Matthews

    Susan Matthews

    Piano, treated sounds, voice

    Susan Matthews is a UK based composer/musician, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations. She began composing experimental music, described by da/73 as ‘...dazzling abstractions of grace and beauty’, in 1999 and has developed a comprehensive CV of achievements, including gallery works, festival inclusions, artist residencies, live performances and radio airplay, both home and abroad.


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  • Linden Pomeroy - Ikiryõ

    Ikiryõ (Living Ghost)
    "While I am rapt in thought, / The fireflies of the marsh would seem to be / My soul, caught up and wandering / Forth out of me."
    Goshõi Wakashõ

    "Linden Pomeroy doesn’t use delay and reverb to generate a sense of space, but to smother it. By sending each guitar note through funnels of infinite repeat, opening track “Festival Of Red Leaves” grows tendrils of harmony and compounded feedback, which press together until the initial melodious sentiment is squeezed out entirely."

    Linden Pomeroy

    Guitar, electronics.

    Linden is a musician based in Worthing/Brighton, UK. He began writing songs and exploring sounds in 2012. His sound started out of what could be achieved using just a guitar, and flits between slow-paced minimal songs and thick, expansive guitar drones.

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Netlabel Day UK live event featuring Linden Pomeroy July 16 Worthing, Sussex, UK

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PE08: Susan Matthews - From Veliko (07-16)
PE07: Linden Pomeroy - Ikiryõ (07-16)
PE06: Distilled Logic - Spaces One to Three (07-15)
PE05: Drey Grade - Summer Rewilding (07-15)
PE04: Distilled Logic - Double EP (03-14)
PE03: Silo Portem - Young Machine (08-13)
PE02: Distilled Logic - Journey In Spherical Harmonics E.P (08-12)




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S2: Drey Grade - Rubha Hunish Reimagining (Mermaids and Seals) (18-07-15)
S1: This Mono Galaxy - Fireflies (12-12)

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