30 favourite free releases of 2015

Thank you to all the netlabels and artists from around the world who have released and shared this music and sound. Most of them have been released under various Creative Commons licences and if not can still be downloaded for free.

2015 was the year of the first netlabel day and 7 or 8 in the list here were released on that day in July. The whole of each release should stream from this page and link to the release pages.

If you're just starting out with legally free music, Creative Commons, netlabels and sharing, see Acts Of Silence for an introduction, reviews and giant list of netlabels.

Pilot Eleven Twitter Graeme @ Pilot Eleven. Posted 31/12/15.

(In no set order, refreshing the page will randomise the list)

  1. Dallas Simpson - Balsam (Green Field Recordings)

  2. ПС - Waking Up In A Pancake Dream (Futuredraht)

  3. Alejandro Remeseiro - Soundscapes from R'lyeh (Second Family Records)

  4. Lost Trail - Lamentations (Subterranean Tide)

  5. Atilio Doreste & José Guillén - Desgel (Green Field Recordings)

  6. Oneirich - Gruchte (Petroglyph)

  7. 6SISS - Digital Dust (Abstrakt Reflections)

  8. The Implicit Order - Mountain Music (WHOLENESS RECORDINGS)

  9. Various Artists - Cities and Memory:Sound Waves (for World Listening Day) (Cities and Memory)

  10. Various Artists - Kollektive 1 (BITROT)

  11. Kecap Tuyul - Tunnel Songs (EgOcide productions)

  12. Various Artists - Unicum (DisFish Records)

  13. C.Reider - Certainty Reducing Signals (Happy Puppy Records)

  14. Much, - This is EP #1 (Happy Puppy Records)

  15. August Stars - A Grey and Troubled Sea (Self released)

  16. Cerebral Audio - Inside the Machine (Cerebral Audio)

  17. Namke Communications - 365/2015 (Self released)

  18. Rowan Box - Being (m.i.s.t records)

  19. adcBicycle - Malignant Cove (Southern City)

  20. Linear Bells - Tapology (Self released)

  21. Coppice Halifax - Imperial Grey (Temiong Recordings)

  22. Natalia Spiner - Ánimo Esperita (tzkatz ediciones)

  23. Gaetano Fontanazza - Sounds On Canvas (Sucu Music)

  24. SUERO - X​-​RAY 2 (Artico)

  25. The Dubbstyle - Simona (Dubophonic)

  26. Bing Satellites - Rain (BFW Recordings)

  27. 5o9 - Disconnect (Amblis Records)

  28. Volunteer - Our (Run On Recordings)

  29. Red Clouds - Enter Dream World (Subterranean Tide)

  30. Dave Dorgan - Such Is Our Condition (Subterranean Tide)