Netlabel day is on 14 July 2015. For more info about the day go to Netlabel Day blog or Netlabel Day Facebook page

A series of podcasts featuring tracks previously released by some of the labels taking part in the day.

Six Songs - Net Label Day 2015 Podcast 6 by Pilot Eleven on Mixcloud

Ambient Noise Sensor Part 1 (Net Label Day 2015 Podcast 5) by Pilot Eleven on Mixcloud

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Net Label Day 2015 Participating Labels Podcast 2 by Pilot Eleven on Mixcloud

Net Label Day 2015 Participating Labels Podcast 1 by Pilot Eleven on Mixcloud

New Listening Posts section of selected Creative Commons releases from 2015.

All releases are mostly free to stream, download and share in some capacity. Check the individual CC licenses.

Includes releases I've managed to listen to and like.

Sample of the Listening Posts (Jan-May 2015)
  1. Rowan Box - Contrast EP (m.i.s.t. records & Transiti0n Rec0rds)

    Experimental / Noise / Ambient

  2. Various - Sound Interpretations: New York City (Haze)

    We believe that each city has its own unique air. But anyone who works with the sound knows that every city has a inimitable soundscape and rhythm. So let’s make a musical journey through the cities. Cities you’ve been or would like to visit. Let’s go for a walk through New York City.

  3. Atilio Doreste & José Guillén - Desgel (Green Field Recordings)

    Atilio Doreste (field recordings, photography)
    José Guillén (synthesizers)

    Electroacoustic interpretation of José Guillén, through free improvisation, from a soundwalking recorded by Atilio Doreste in Valle de Nuria in Catalonia. Nuria Valley (Catalán: Vall de Nuria) is a Pyrenean valley located in the municipality of Queralbs, in the Catalan province of Girona (Spain). Located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, this valley is accessible via a cog railway (Cremallera de Nuria, FGC). However, this time, was accessed by following one of the hiking trails that reach Nuria. The phonographic aspect of Doreste's work faced with a highly silent soundscape, in the morning hours of thawing, between the slopes of the valley. The chamois stealthily crossing slopes, while on the sky, crossing the huge local vultures. It is thin and monosyllable, the occasional chirping of a robin next to the pine forest, rough and scarce irruption of a crow. The sound of water, dominates the nearby places to the slow thaw. It is challenging to interpret such a calm and clear context. Synthesizer sounds by José Guillén, provide the necessary dialogue phonography so we can understand this piece. Doing this, methodologies are those that combine field recordings with free improvisation. We have here the right measure, to disconnect from the cosmopolitan stress, bringing us these feelings of calm from the detailed, careful, and close listening.

  4. Golova & Roomdark - Snow (Haze)

    Excerpts from online live 15/01/2015.

    Art-Noise/Dream-Industrial band from Minsk. The Aural Library. We are art-of-noise-psy-dream-industrial band from Minsk, Belarus. Created in 2012 by tree musicians: Andrei Sharashovets, Eugene Lychkouski and Vitaut Staravojtau. Every studio jam and live gig is an unique improvisation exploring large sound spaces and deep inner vibes using digital and analog devices.
    Eugene Lychkouski – voice, fx, synths
    Andrei Shereshovets – synths, fx

    Is a simple music project – ambient \ experimental \ lo-fi \ minimal \ noise \\\
    Vova Banker – synths

  5. Diropel - Yhnpivtr EP (Tape Safe)

    Diropel is the experimental music project by Santiago Gr (Uruguay). The ambient/dark ambient melodies from Diropel are characterized by their evocative and ethereal atmosphere, with orchestral and psychedelic arrangements, that immerse the listener into states of deep relaxation.

  6. nobidisoundz - ootrenoir (Tape Safe)

    Ambient, Drone, Soundscapes.

  7. Oneirich - Gruchte (Petroglyph)

    After releasing several releases on various compilations, and his frist album "Nooit in het West-Vlaams", Oneirich returns with his second album Gruchte.
    Continuing on the path of experimental noise and ambient Oneirich tries to express the good and the bad of every day life.
    Also check out Oneirich's weekly radioshow, on Villa Bota radio, called Horae Obscura! Dark music for the haunted souls.

  8. Fabio R. Lattuca - Amix_ (Sonic Terrain)

    Amix_ is a phonography that puts in contrast two aspects of the Sicilian soundscape. The recordings were taken between the reserve of the Bomes lake – 37 823 LAT, LON 13,820 – and the town of Caltavuturo into Madonie county

    The formal structure of the track is characterized by an initial phase in which the bio-phonic elements stand out of the park. Sounds of birds and bells of grazing animals are interrupted by the activity of hunting, an intrusive, cruel and illegal practice which is, unfortunately, still widespread. The shots of the guns interrupt, as bursts of sound, the balance of the area. Infiltrating between the spaces that nature still possess with fatigue. In the composition phase, the shots were, however, the modulating bridge – using a term borrowed from classical symphonies – that has allowed us to combine the various sound materials.

    The second phase, in fact, tells one of the most important events of the life of the small Sicilian village: the feast of St. Lucia taking place on December 13th. The procession leads the way of the holy through the narrow streets of the Arab town, accompanied by the town band. The only interruptions are given by the voice of the parish priest and of a young woman who recites the prayers for the holy.

    The end of the procession and the return home of the faithfuls, marks the end of the composition. The steps and the voices of women in the narrow streets accompany, so the listener towards the initial silence, like a cycle that is created every time.

  9. Lost Trail - Lamentations (Subterranean Tide)

    Veteran ambient duo Zachary and Denny Corsa's latest release is a single long-form improvisation. Recorded under icy conditions with broken equipment, Lamentations' minor-key, wistful motifs perfectly capture the bitterly cold weather of Lost Trail's North Carolina home.

  10. 6SISS - Digital Dust (Abstrakt Reflections)

    6SISS “Digital Dust” generates erratic drums and clashing instruments with faintly sliced and diced rhythms to balance its busted gloomy mood. However 6SISS is not an orthodox musician who would like to confine himself into the borders of a definitive genre. He is a nature who prefers to go across different sonic territories – from immersive noise-soaked compositions and horrifying industrial visions to gritty techno and breakbeat-tinged background realms, from quasi-minimalism to glitch-y electronic experiments. In a word, this 11-notch issue can be considered a part of cerebral dance music full of challenging patterns and varicoloured webs.

  11. Bing Satellites - Arkösund EP (BFW Recordings)

    An EP of abstract and epic electronic ambient music recorded in beautiful, frozen surrounding on the Baltic coast with great company, on my trip to Sweden in January 2015.

  12. Lokom - Chemical Shepherd (Abstrakt Reflections)

    It is in a world of highly interconnected sound objects in which “Chemical Shepherd” puts us. Opening yawning chaos and putting us back in emptiness through acid springs. Never stopping the reorganisation of space with a constant mastering of its speed. Lokom‘s music bubbles like washing liquid on the tired fingers of the housewife. Doors of the universe out of their hinges, skeleton and empty boxes shivering, his vibrations float freely in the infinite ocean of the machines’ possibilities. Displacing huge masses of water at each stroke of oars, his sounds hits in the stomach and thrives melodic glimmers in the form of luminescent plankton.

  13. Lethal Bronze - Nebulous Abstractions (Textural Records)

    Ambient/Dark ambient

  14. Christian Williams - Providence (Bump Foot)

    These five pieces were composed with a process I call interlooping. Each piece starts out as a single loop of spontaneously-played piano, which is played back while I play and record a second "live" loop. This continual layering of live playing over accumulated loops results in a combination of interesting interruptions, harmonies, and echos that make each piece increasingly more dynamic from start to finish.

  15. Proyecto Lazarus - Lemniscata (m.i.s.t)

    LEMNISCATA, is the eighth work conceived and produced by PROYECTO LAZARUS, and the first born in 2015. It contains two CDs [Phase 1 & Phase 2] with different concepts, but obviously under the same ideas. You can hear them as separate tracks, or as single sessions of 32 minutes each. All this, under chilean netlabel MIST RECORD.

  16. CDRX - The purgatory's public swimming pool (EgOcide)

    The purgatory's public swimming pool is a captivating subterranean soundscape. This time some noisy / industrial-flavoured touches have been included, and the final result is rather dark and gritty, but with a very cohesive atmosphere despite its heterogenous components

  17. Ayato & Natalia Kamia - Cluster (EgOcide)

    Between abandoned strings warped tapes and esoteric radio broadcasts, Ayato and Natalia Kamia have found/created a new territory to explore. They are not afraid of silence, they've patiently listened to the resonating spaces (inside/outside) and built 8 surprising pieces that will spin around your ears like sparkles from some unknow satellites.

  18. Lavoura - Photosynthesis (Bump Foot)

    Lavoura is an instrumental quartet from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photosynthesis is their fourth studio album, a mixture of latin music and electronic culture. From their site, digipack CD is available (vinyl version will be too, through crowdfunding.

  19. Autonomaton - Polarsternritual (Mahorka)