Distilled Logic (Double EP)

The Evolving Soul Machines Of Political Biology (PE04a)

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The Evolving Soul Machines of Political Biology is made up of three tracks that all relate to each other with the use of ideas, sounds and repetition. The politics come from me as their creator, with a DNA that exists within all three tracks.

Tales Of Blue (PE04b)

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The Native Americans did not have a word for the colour grey only the word blue. Just a musical excursion into the human mind when it's feeling kind of blue yet all it can perceive is grey.

The two EPs

The two EPs are dedicated to all my studio helpers who happen to be a dog and two cats which I dearly love and miss in equal measure - Jenni and Bryon the original studio team and now with Rosie.

I thank you for taking time to listen and engage with my work. The MP3s have been created to keep as much of the dynamics as possible. If you like the E.P I recommend you take the time to download the flac or wav files for full dynamic resolution. The tracks use a wide range of frequencies so I recommend a good pair of headphones or stereo speakers. Each form of delivery through their very nature will connect you to the tracks differently.

Distilled Logic

Composer, engineer, producer and sound designer. Music hardware and software freak. Art and Culture Lover, Information devotee and sub-genrist who has many influences and gets inspiration from many different places.

soundcloud.com/distilled-logic : distilledlogic.tumblr.com
distilledlogic.blogspot.co.uk : vimeo.com/distilledlogic

Creative Commons Licence

Released by: Pilot Eleven Net Label
Release/catalogue number: PE04a and PE04b
Release date: March 24 2014