We have a new Listening Posts section of selected Creative Commons releases from 2015.

Sample of the first listening post
  1. Proyecto Lazarus - Lemniscata (m.i.s.t)

    LEMNISCATA, is the eighth work conceived and produced by PROYECTO LAZARUS, and the first born in 2015. It contains two CDs [Phase 1 & Phase 2] with different concepts, but obviously under the same ideas. You can hear them as separate tracks, or as single sessions of 32 minutes each. All this, under chilean netlabel MIST RECORD.

  2. CDRX - The purgatory's public swimming pool (EgOcide)

    The purgatory's public swimming pool is a captivating subterranean soundscape. This time some noisy / industrial-flavoured touches have been included, and the final result is rather dark and gritty, but with a very cohesive atmosphere despite its heterogenous components

  3. Ayato & Natalia Kamia - Cluster (EgOcide)

    Between abandoned strings warped tapes and esoteric radio broadcasts, Ayato and Natalia Kamia have found/created a new territory to explore. They are not afraid of silence, they've patiently listened to the resonating spaces (inside/outside) and built 8 surprising pieces that will spin around your ears like sparkles from some unknow satellites.

  4. Lavoura - Photosynthesis (Bump Foot)

    Lavoura is an instrumental quartet from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Photosynthesis is their fourth studio album, a mixture of latin music and electronic culture. From their site, digipack CD is available (vinyl version will be too, through crowdfunding.

  5. Autonomaton - Polarsternritual (Mahorka)